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SAP HANA Training & Certification in UAE

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SAP S4 HANA Training & Certification in Abu Dhabi
March 28, 2018
SAP HANA Training & Certification in UK
March 29, 2018

About Course

SAP HANA Online Training & Certification in UAE

CoursesTech online institute UAE offers SAP HANA certification training course that lets you become expert in SAP HANA. At CoursesTech, we provide the best online training classes to help you learn in-memory database, HANA Studio, Modeling, real-time analytics. Work on real-world projects.

CoursesTech-UAE online training will assure you to get the command on learning SAP HANA fundamentals and deploy real-time analytics. SAP HANA is an on-premise application that is used for gathering real-time insights. In this SAP HANA online training program, you will learn SAP HANA Studio, Modeling, Security features and various other perspectives. You will learn why SAP HANA is a fundamentally different database engine.

SAP HANA provides services that match the requirements as well as enhance the productivity of the organization. SAP HANA is a mature enterprise solution with improved capabilities like simplifying IT, innovate modern applications, and accelerate insights to run mission-critical business processes.

What do you learn in Online SAP HANA Training Course?

  • Master in SAP HANA basics, features, architecture & terminology involved
  • Gain expertise in modeling by working with SAP HANA studio Modelers
  • Master SAP HANA Interface, client & connectivity
  • Auto-documentation process and SAP BO Analysis
  • Master System Replication, data provisioning & ABAP Dataflow
  • Configuring, reporting, monitoring & dashboard creation using SAP HANA
  • Work on real-time & complex HANA projects
  • Writing SAP HANA queries & performance tuning
  • Prepare for SAP Certified Application Associate Exam
  • Master in SAP HANA administration activities like managing users, storage, and security

Who are eligible for SAP HANA Training Course?

  • SAP Development & BI consultants, Data warehouse professionals
  • Data analytics professionals, Database Architects, Project Managers
  • SAP HANA Online Training is suitable for professionals aspiring to make a career as SAP HANA Developer

What are the requirements for learning SAP HANA online training?

There is no specific requirement; no need for any coding knowledge, just a basic knowledge of SQL is enough to learn.

Basic database architectural knowledge of SQL will support to grow in SAP HANA domain. SAP gives very good self-explanatory documentation to learn HANA. If you grasp your subject of matter, then you can learn SAP HANA easily.

Why should you learn SAP HANA Online Training Course?

It is a basic database product, SAP HANA currently has more than 6,400 aspirants and the consultants who are working in USA, UK, & UAE earning & generating good revenue.

SAP HANA is one of the best platforms that will find much demand from enterprises around the world due to its result-oriented approach to getting work done. This SAP HANA training certification course provides you real-time experience and expertise in one of the most selected technologies in the cloud, Big Data, and analytics environment. This SAP HANA training is your road to getting high paying jobs in the technology industry.

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Course Content

Approaching SAP HANA

Introduction to In-Memory Computing and Fundamentals of SAP HANA, What SAP HANA Can do, What SAP HANA Can’t do? High-Performance functionalities in SAP HANA - In-Memory computing, columnar store database, Massive Parallel Processing, Data Compression. SAP HANA for Non-SAP Use Cases-SAP HANA for Non-SAP Analytics, SAP HANA for Non-SAP Applications. SAP HANA Database Architecture, SAP HANA Landscapes, and Scenarios.

Introduction to HANA Studio

Add SAP HANA System - Perspectives, Administration, Modeling, Development Plan Viz. Folders- Catalog, Content, Provisioning, Security. SAP HANA Database SQL Script - HANA Database SQL Basics, data types, expressions, Sub-query, basic query execution, operators, Joins, types of statements, Loops, Expressions. Catalog-Schema, Table, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures, Index, Synonyms, Sequences, Triggers. Provisioning-SDA. Security-Users & Roles.

SAP HANA Modelling

Introduction - Types of Models, Attribute Views, Joins, Using Filter Operations, Creating Restricted & Calculated Columns, Using Hierarchies. Analytic Views - Using Input parameters, Using Variables, Advantages & Limitations, Multi-Dimensional modeling, Star Schema design.

Calculation Views (GUI)

Dimension Calculation View - Star Join Calculation view, OLTP Calculation view, Using Projection, Using Join, Using Aggregation, Using Union, Using Rank. Calculation Views, Creating Content Procedure.

Analytic Privileges

Classical Analytic Privileges, SQL Analytic Privileges, Dynamic analytic Privileges. Turning Business Rules into Decision tables. Table Functions.

In-depth Modeling

Generating Time Data, Refactoring information models, Propagate to schematics, Show Lineage, Schema Mapping, Find Where used, Schema Mapping, Union Pruning.

Modeling (Cont.)

Using Time Travel, Migrating deprecated Information models, Using Currency Conversion. Web-based Modeling Workbench, Advanced HANA SQL script -Temporary tables, Triggers, Exceptions Handling.

Full Text Search

Overview, Data types & full-text Indexes, Using Full-text search. Application Lifecycle Management - Transport Using Delivery Unit mode, Analyzing Query Performance, Visualize plan, Change management, Performance trace, Transport Using Developer mode.

Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning – Data provisioning using SLT, Data Acquisition with BODS, Data Provisioning with Flat File upload

Data Provisioning (Cont.)

Extractor Connection, Data Provisioning using Direct, Security and Authorizations, Using Lumira Prepare, Introduction to Lumira, and Visualize compose data.

Advanced Topics Overview

SAP HANA Dynamic tiering, Delta Merge, Smart Data Integration (SDI), SAP HANA has Application Platform, SAP HANA cloud, L Procedures, R Procedures, Partitioning of tables, Introduction to AFL, PAL, BFL.

SAP HANA Project

This project has involved the creation of reports using SAP HANA. You will get in-depth knowledge of creating SAP HANA reports with SAP Business Objects Explorer, learning to deploy different SAP HANA views like attribute, analytic and calculation views, understanding How to build SAP HANA Crystal Report, data modeling techniques, and deploying MDX Provider for connecting HANA system to Excel data. Upon completion of the project, you will gain expertise to develop reports from multiple data sources and view it to learn important insights.


SAP HANA Certification

The course at CoursesTech has been designed for clearing SAP HANA certification exam. The entire training course content is in line with the certification program and helps you clear the certification exam with ease and get the best jobs in the top multinational companies. As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications for the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effortlessly.

During your SAP HANA online training program, we will explain selected certification relevant queries for better understanding for your better performance for the certification exam. At CoursesTech, Course Completion certificate will be awarded on the completion of Project work and upon scoring of at least 60% marks in the quiz. CoursesTech certification is well recognized in top multinational companies.


Frequently Asked Questions about SAP HANA

1What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory computing engine used for real-time processing of huge volumes of data and building and deploying real-world applications.

2What are the prerequisites?

A basic knowledge of database concepts is enough. No need of any coding knowledge.

3What is the course duration?

The course duration will be 2 & ½ months.

4What about the weekdays & weekend classes?

The weekdays class will be from Monday to Friday and the weekend class will be on Saturday & Sunday

5What we provide?

We provide server access, material, technical support, and job assistance.

6Is there any job support?

Yes, we provide job assistance after successful completion of the course.


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